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Different Types of Carpet Cleaning

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Despite being very common in retail, most particularly in business environments, carpets actually require more regular and proper maintenance that most of us think. Odors, muddy footprints, as well as unidentifiable stains are all common things that we can see on carpets that aren’t cleaned and maintained in a regular and proper manner.  

Carpet Cleaning 

As a matter of fact, it is highly recommended by experts that you should have your carpets professional and deep cleaned at least once to twice a year. When this moment comes, it is very important that you consider using the most important methods that most professional carpet cleaning in Mansfield, TX do to clean carpets whether for residential or commercial use.  

There are actually several different methods that professional carpet cleaning service providers use to deep clean carpets and these include but not limited to:  

Steam Cleaning 

Steam carpet cleaning is very suitable for almost all kinds of carpet and this is, in fact, the most commonly used method by professional and truly experienced carpet cleaning professionals. This is due to the fact that it is being completed with the use of a portable industry grade machine that can also be mounted to a truck if it is a larger type. As a matter of fact, a lot of carpet manufacturers nowadays recommend the steam cleaning method of cleaning your carpet. The steam carpet cleaning method also helps in getting rid of deep set stains as well as prolongs the lifespan of your carpet. There are 4 important steps involved in steam carpet cleaning process and these are:  

There are a number of different methods professionals can use to clean carpets:  

  • Your carpet is vacuumed in order to pick up deep set dust and dirt prior to deep clean procedure.  
  • A mild and safe chemical solution is used and sprayed onto the surface of your carpet and it is left there for a while in order to sink in as well as target stubborn stains.  
  • Water is sprayed into your carpet using a high pressurized jet hose.  
  • The hot water will be vacuumed out of your carpets using a powerful and high-quality vacuum.  

Dry Cleaning 

As a matter of fact, dry cleaning follows quite the same process with steam cleaning, except that dry cleaning uses much lesser water. Even though the procedure is not technically dry since it still uses water extraction, this method of cleaning your carpet focuses more on using strong chemicals in order to target deep set and strong stains as well as marks on the fibers of your carpet in the second stage of the dry clean procedure. Aside from that, dry carpet cleaning method is also called surface cleaning since it doesn’t clean as deeply as steam carpet cleaning process, and it is rather more commonly used for maintenance cleaning purposes, and not deep cleaning.  

Bonnet Cleaning 

Bonnet carpet cleaning is actually a very common type of dry carpet cleaning. This is because in this method, you don’t need to use any heavy equipment anymore such as steam cleaning and this is also the most popular method used for dry cleaning carpets.   


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