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Things to Know Before Hiring a Carpet Cleaner 

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Even if you vacuum your carpet every single day, you’ll still need to hire a professional carpet cleaner. That’s regardless of what carpeting you have installed, whether they are area rugs or wall-to-wall carpets. You have to deep clean your carpets every year or so.

To do just that, you need to hire a professional. However, you should also know that not all pro carpet cleaners are the same. There’s more than what they say in their TV or print ads. Don’t fall for very cheap prices either as some of those that offer lower-than-usual rates are usually fly-by-night companies or people who provide sub-standard services.

Don’t try to do carpet cleaning yourself using rented equipment either. That won’t do the job at all. You may compare using rental carpet cleaning equipment to fast food, whereas a professional carpet cleaning service is a fine dining experience.

How to Go About Hiring Professionals

If you want to hire professionals for the job, what you should do first is to request a written quote. To do that, the companies would have to do a no-obligation in-home inspection. But you should make sure of that first. Some companies do charge an inspection fee.

While there are companies that provide quotes over the phone, you should expect that they’re just giving you a ballpark figure. They can’t possibly see how dirty and stained your carpet is, except if you give them a really good description of the job they’ll be facing. Over-the-phone quotes may be good but you can’t trust the figures given 100%.

Whom Should You Hire?

There’s actually an organization that provides training and certification to carpet cleaners. Specifically, look for the one with the IICRC training. There are actually 25 categories in their training modules. Professionals who have passed this training would know exactly how to clean your carpet. Here’s a rundown of what they’ll possibly do.

1. Wall-to-wall carpets

Wall-to-wall carpets are usually made with polypropylene and nylon. Since they’re attached to the structure of your home, only the top can be cleaned. The first thing they’ll do is to vacuum the area intensely. Otherwise, they’ll be cleaning a carpet that’s filled with mud.

Wall-to-wall carpets are best cleaned by a truck-mounted machine. It’s a great way of cleaning this type of carpet as they provide a good supply of freshwater needed for cleaning. This machine also has specialized wands, hoses, and vacuums to clean the carpets in homes or offices.

2. Oriental carpets and area rugs

Area rugs and oriental carpets are mostly made of cotton, rayon, sisal, natural fibers, wool, and wool blends. As such, they have to be treated with care. If this is the type of carpet that you have, then don’t hire carpet cleaning companies that promise quick results. That’s because the extra care that your carpet need won’t be provided for. There’s a meticulous process of cleaning area rugs and carpets and only the professionals know about that.

If you need help in cleaning your carpet, don’t hesitate to contact the most trusted Chattanooga carpet cleaner. They should tell you exactly what they’ll do to clean your carpet so you can evaluate if their services are exactly what you need.

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